In other words, the true forms of titans…

on da

ok but consider this

quick color studies (J. Constable; C.d.Haes)

crystal girl gang

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a choice with no regrets

bloodless revolution

warmup featuring captain america erwin


late to the party again :’)

Another Vikings study

Another milestone, another giveaway! Thanks to everyone who shared those three animations, I had no idea they’d get around like they did. Why not get one of your own?

ONE winner will receive a 5-10 frame animation of whatever they like*. You can send me two and a half essays worth of description or let me interpret three words - whatever you’re into. For a chance to win you must:

Examples: (x) (x) (x)

*sorry folks, nothing too sexually explicit.

comp studies from True Detective, might refine one or two

vikings cap study

that premier was kinda :’)